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All American’s Guide to Pad Printing Plates

scion plate

Have you ever wondered how to make a pad printing pad? This step-by-step guide has all the information you need to get started with direct to plate pad printing yourself! You can also allow All American to custom make your plates for you.

1. Print your artwork on inkjet or laser film as a mirror image. The artwork should be printed out in black with the highest quality to enhance the density of the print. The image on the film should be solid black. If you hold it up to a bright light and view it with a magnifier, very little light should come through the black portions. This is important; if the image is not dense enough the plate produced will be too shallow for printing. If you cannot get good image density, call us at (215 634-2235) for information on the correct printer and film RIP to use. Continue reading All American’s Guide to Pad Printing Plates

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ISS Vegas 2014

Calling all high rollers! Come see All American at ISS Vegas for the annual Screen Printing Trade Show. Located in the Las Vegas Convention Center from August 3 – 5, All American will be in lucky booth #329.

We will be offering demos and information on the NeoFlex, iNeo, Epson® SureColor F2000 series, Sequin Motif Machine and the Rapid Tag. We hope to see you there!

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Febratex 2014 Show


Say Olá to Brazil!

All American and  Aeoon GmbH will be in Blumenau, Brazil this August for Febratex, the annual Brazilian Textile Industry Fair. Come see the latest cutting edge machinery, materials and technologies for the textile industry. An Aeoon Kyo8—with an impressive 8 printheads—will be on display. Support our supplier Cotex and visit our booth (#85) for demos, information and a caipirinha! We hope to see you there, boa viagem!

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Get Picture Perfect DTG Prints with Aeoon DTG

Captain Jack printed with the Aeoon Kyo vs. the competition.

Some digital textile printers provide lackluster prints that can put a real damper on your creative designs and leave you wanting more. It’s time to stop allowing printers to define the limits of your design! Aeoon Technologies has created a machine that prints with true digital replication allowing for photo-realistic prints. Continue reading Get Picture Perfect DTG Prints with Aeoon DTG

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Epson SureColor® F2000 Series: Better, Faster, Stronger

The Epson F2000 is equipped with the latest technology to provide high-quality direct-to-garment printing. Every component of these printers was designed to deliver industrial-level production, image quality, and reliability to DTG printers. There are two versions available for the Epson F2000: the White Ink Edition and the Color Edition. Both offer the same printing and production quality, however, the White Ink edition is capable of printing on light or dark color garments, while the Color Edition only prints on light garments.
Continue reading Epson SureColor® F2000 Series: Better, Faster, Stronger

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Try Our Demo RIP Program Yourself

About NeoRIP 2000:

This powerful RIP program can handle all your textile and solvent printing needs.With better color profiling, gradients, fades and photorealistic quality, it will be like someone flicked on the light switch in your shop. Get higher quality prints, better gradients and glows all while saving on white ink costs and having the ability to print three different colored shirts at once! This is truly the best RIP to date! Continue reading Try Our Demo RIP Program Yourself

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Attention Customers: Independence Day Holiday Hours

Dear Customers,

All American Manufacturing & Supply wishes you a great holiday weekend! Our hours of operation have been changed this Thursday, July 3rd, 2014 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

Please note that the last pick-up order time on July 3rd is 2:00 PM, after 2:00 PM our doors will be locked for the weekend.

We will re-open our office on Monday, July 7th, 2014 @ 9:00 AM