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Screen Printing Glossary — Know the Lingo!

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Want to ask questions about screen printing but don’t know the terminology? Don’t worry; we’ve compiled a glossary of that includes the basic screen printing terms to use a reference guide. Learning these screen printing and silk screen definitions will have you learning the lingo and talking like a pro in no time!

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Screen Printing Basics

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Silk screening—also known as screen printing—is a technique that seems confusing and difficult, but don’t be scared by this traditional style of printing. People have been screen printing since the Song Dynasty in China nearly 1,000 years ago and the industry is still going strong today! Popular with modern-day artists due to its affordability and ease of use, even the most novice designer can make professional quality prints with just a few tools, some simple rules, and practice! This guide to screen printing basics will help you find what you need to start learning how to screen printing or silk screen.

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