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Prisma Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl - 20" Width Half Yard

by Prisma

Make soft heat transfer decals for t-shirts, totes, hoodies, and hats with All American Prisma Heat Transfer Flock! Fuzzy and soft to the touch, flock is perfect for giving lettering and images texture! Available by the yard.


  • Cut flock with a GX-24 type cutter using a 60 ° blade at approximately 150 pressure; operate cutter at slower speeds for increased detail.
  • Apply flock with a heat press set at 350 °F and press for 8 to 10 seconds using medium to heavy pressure.
  • Cold peel carrier sheet after applying heat.
  • Wash garments on a gentle cycle and hang dry or tumble on low (175 °F or lower). Do not dry clean.

Available Prisma Heat Transfer Flock Colors:

Prisma Heat Transfer Flock Colors
APPLIES TO 100% cotton, 50/50 cotton blends
BLADE CUT 60 ° degree blade
TEMPERATURE 350 ° F ( 177 ° C)
PRESS TIME 8-10 seconds
CARE INSTRUCTIONS Gentle cycle machine wash, tumble dry on low (175 °F/79 °C). Do Not Dry Clean.