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Prisma Glow in the Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl - 20" Width Half Yard

by Prisma

Prisma Glow in the Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl CPSIA Certified

Prisma Glow in the Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl Product Sheet

Glow in the dark is a polyurethane based illuminating vinyl that allows you to create an outstanding look of your t-shirt in the dark. It makes your design very stunning effect with long lasting glow and a perfect solution for standing out yourself most.


  • Cotton, Polyester, Cotton/Poly Blends [T-shirt, Sport jersey, Uniforms, Sweater, Jacket, Caps, etc.]

Hot to use?

  1. Make a your design
  2. Cutting your design
  3. Weeding the film
  4. Heat pressing
  5. Weeding the film
  6. Final

Glow-in-the-Dark Vinyl

  1. Thickness 160 (210) microns
  2. Preset your heat press to 160/320
  3. Weed your design and lay it on the fabric so that the sticky side is face down. To protect the vinyl, set a silicone sheet on top of the graphic.
  4. Press the design onto the shirt with a heat press using medium pressure for 7 to 10 seconds.
  5. Peel Cold.
500MM(W) x 25M(L)
140℃ ~ 150℃
8 ~ 12 sec
Hot, Warm Peel
160(210) micron
Blade 45°
Pressure Medium
Cotton, Polyester, Blends