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Graphics One GO Xpress C-1200 Calendar 47"

SKU GO-F-270-XP-C1200

GO Xpress™ C-1200 Roll-to-Roll Calendar 47" 3-in-1

Graphics One initiated the development of an exclusive line of calendars that would incorporate “best of class” features and capabilities. Out of this development, our 47-inch C-1200 and our 67-inch C-1700 3-in-1 calendars have been developed.

Our primary goal was to provide calendars that are easy to install, easy to use, and easy to support, and our C-1200 and C-1700 units achieve this objective. There is no doubt our new rotary heat press units will establish a new standard for professional finishing calendars.

Ideal Applications
The GO Xpress C-1200 offers 3-in-1 capabilities meaning it has roll-to-roll, piece work, and direct fixation capabilities. The units are full-featured and can be used for soft signage, sports apparel, fashion, all-overs, interior decoration and a variety of other dye sublimation tasks.