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EB-200 Flame Treatment Machine


EB-200 is designed to pretreat the surface of cylindrical objects made of PE and PP prior to printing. Ink adherence to plastic is greatly improved after treatment.


  • The stepless change conveyor motor is able to adjust to the exact heat and time requirements of various substrates.
  • The advanced design of the flame nozzles and flame distributor provide good combustion results and saves energy.
  • The structure and design make for easy operation.
  • Roller wheels are installed to provide for convenient movement.

EB-200 Specifications:

Flame Width 7.87" / 200mm
Combustion Gas Standard Gas
Combustion-supporting Gas Compression air with pressure 8KGF/CM2 (80-90 psi)
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
Conveyor Speed 0-10m/min
Speed Adjustment Electronic stepless change
Conveyor Size 1500 — 270mm (L—W) (60" x 11")
Dimension 1500— 480— 1200 mm (L—W—H) (59" x 18.9" x 47.2")
Weight 102 kg. /225 lb.