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SPC-858SD 5-Color Automatic Pad Printer with Shuttle


The SPC-858 is a 5-color, closed ink cup automatic pad printer with a shuttle. The machine is available as an open inkwell model as shown in the picture.

  • Microprocessor control for easy and convenient operation.
  • Equipped with shuttle table and 5 working stations.
  • Five-digit automatic counter.
  • With aluminum alloy frame, the machine is light and sturdy.
  • Easy inking, fixing, dismounting and cleaning of the ink cup or roller.
  • Independent adjustment of pad stroke and speed.
  • The extra function "twice inking, once printing" is designed for thicker ink film.
  • The five ink cup bases are independently adjustable for color registering.

SPC-858 Specifications:

Printable Color Quantity 5
Standard plate size 100x200mm 
Max. Worktable Area 190x238mm 
Max. Printing Height 330mm 
Max. Printing Diameter 90mm 
Max. Printing Speed 500 pcs/hr
Air Consumption 311 Liter/min 96bar)
Wattage 110/220V 60/50Hz 50w
Outline Dimensions 1120x946x1629mm 
Weight 280 kg (617.3 lb)