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Champion of DTG. Fastest Exist! 2x Faster than Compare on Dark Garment. 4x Faster than Compare on Light Garment

Aeoon the Kyo Series

Aeoon Kyo Series Industrial direct to garment printer

Customers can start with a cost effective entry-level setup of the Aeoon to match current production demand. When production increases, upgrades are readily available to suit your needs. The Aeoon can be initially fitted with 4 print heads and then can be scaled up to 12 print heads if your production needs grow. Each Kyocera KJ4B print head contains 2558 nozzles and a native 600 dpi at 40khz—the fastest and highest quality industrial print head on the market. Each Aeoon is equipped with a wide variety of special features and options that can be optimized to the precise needs of the customer.

Won 1st Place All Contests T-Shirts Forum and ISS Shows

Epson® SureColor® F2000

Epson SureColor F2000 direct to garment printer for textile printing

The Epson SureColor F2000 provides the best DTG printing with the easiest functionality and maintenance to create unique and stunning garments for adults, children, and babies. Using superior print technology and a variety of interchangeable platen sizes, The F2000 can print on t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, tote bags, baseball caps, bibs, onesies and other specialty garments. Create runs of prints with your own personalized designs quickly and efficiently!


The NeoFlex 800 is a convertible direct-to-garment printer designed to give you the versatility and performance to take your business to the next level. Designed as a modular system, you can easily switch between a textile and edible ink printing systems in a matter of minutes. This versatility allows you to approach multi markets at once and cater to customer needs quickly. The modularity of the NeoFlex 800 allows owners to stay current with the latest technology, as the printer system can be quickly and affordably replaced with a newer edition when one becomes available–making the NeoFlex brand the only line of printers that can be called Future Proof!