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Aeoon Vacuum Flatbed Series

With the Aeoon Flatbed Series, we are able to push the boundaries of conventional printing sizes. It is available in four different large formats with a stunning print table size of up to 4200 x 3750mm.
Additionally, we equipped our flatbed with useful features like:
• Flexible and modular configuration options to fit your business
• Automatic detection of objects
• Vacuum tables to secure objects for printing
• Highest security standards
• Different ink and curing options for printing on many different flat materials
• Electrical conncections: 3 x 220/400V (current differs between models and final size), Air connections: max. air consumption, 500l/min.


Automatic object detection in 3D

Our Aeoon Flatbed Series is equipped with a 3D laser scanner. It automatically detects the exact placement, shape, and heigth of the printable object on the vacuum pallets. There is no need anymore to worry about trying to find the correct placement of the printing area on external templates.


Highest possible security standards for operators

We took every possible precaution to maximize the security for everybody operating the machine. We utilized the latest security hardware and special software features to do so. The heart of our security system is the high-resolution laser curtain. This, in combination with other security features, makes our machine one of the most secure flatbed machines on the market.


Flexible configuration options

Depending on the needs of your company, there are two options to load the Aeoon Flatbed Series. It‘s possible to walk inside and load in manually, or equip it with an automatic inline loading feature. Just like our Aeoon dtg printers, there are several options to customize this printer: For example, you can individually choose the size and the amount of printheads.


Available ink types and curing

The Aeoon Flatbed Series is available for different inks such as pigment, uv and hybrid inks. Therefore we can print on many different flat surfaces, for example most leathers, woods, plastics, glass surfaces or metals. Depending on the ink, the machine can be equipped with infrared, near infrared or uv curing devices.

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