Neo UV

Neo UV

The Neo UV has all the hallmarks of UV LED printing–it is fast drying, eco-friendly, and able to print on a variety of media–but thanks to recent developments, it also avoids the pitfalls of UV printing. The Neo UV can print on dark surfaces, flat or curved objects, and has adjustable curing settings, making UV LED printing easier and more lucrative.

One of the challenges with UV printing is getting the ink to cure consistently. Conventional UV printers emit infrared radiation, which produces intense heat and VOCs. The Neo UV is equipped with an UV LED lamp, which emits UV radiation almost exclusively without heat. Using a UV LED lamp keeps the machine cool, cures ink at a consistent UV radiation level, and prevents plastic substrates from warping due to excessive heat. Thanks to its cool interior, the Neo UV can print on the following: ABS/PC, PP, urethane, SD card, wood, and plaque.




The Neo UV can also cure ink consistently on dark surfaces. UV ink needs ultraviolet radiation to cure and darker surfaces tend to absorb the radiation, often times making for an incomplete and brittle cure, but not so with the Neo UV. Using white ink registration, the Neo UV lays down a white layer of ink first, then applies color on top, eliminating problematic substrate colors all together. The Neo UV has a printable area of 380×750(mm), with a 2880×1440 DPI, and can one-pass print, which is a huge boost to production and gives users some artistic licence. By layering white ink then applying color, prints can be raised to give an unique 3D effect. Sensor controlled height adjustment allows objects up to 150mm thick to be printed on.

Traditionally, UV printers have had difficulty printing on curved surfaces, but with the Neo UV this is no longer a problem. Using two separate inks with different viscosities–one for flat surfaces that dries to a hard finish, and another for curved surfaces that remains flexible after curing–the Neo UV can cure ink on a variety surfaces with ease.

Adjustable digital cure settings make this process possible, allowing you to cure different inks at a precise nanometer. The Neo UV LED lamp operates around the 300nm spectrum, but usually the sweet-spot of 395mn cures most colors of ink. The machine also comes equipment with an optional vacuum fan for holding substrates and a gantry moving system for incredible printing precision.