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White Mesh 60" Width


White Mesh 60" width for use with glitters, sparkle and speciality inks that contain large particles.

Qty specifies yards (10 qty=10 yards)


White mesh is perfect for printing with specialty inks that contain large particles like glitter, flakes, and sparkles. This kind of mesh requires less exposure time than dyed mesh. Mesh count available in 255, 256, 140 and 110. Bolt lengths: 11.5", 27.5" and 34". Mesh is sold by the yard.

Plastisol Ink Mesh Count General Guideline:

    • 24-86 - Specialty Inks.

    • 110 - Best for light colors such as white.

    • 160 - Best for darker colors such as black. Holds more detail than 110, but less ink will pass through the screen.

    • 200-230 - Ink must be reduced for mesh this fine, though it yields high detail results.

    • 230-305 - Mostly used for super fine detail, half tones and CMYK Process Prints.