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Aeolus Forced Air Conveyor DTG Dryer

by BBC
SKU BBC-AIR-366C-4-2

Aeolus Forced Air Conveyor DTG Dryer Instruction

The Aeolus revolutionary screen printing conveyor dryer model operates with a variety of angled heating panels located on the edge of the PTFE coated belt to all but eliminates edge loss. Its exclusive layout, collaborated with proprietary watt density algorithm, provides the Aeolus with the most modern cure in its class of conveyor dryers.

True Edge-to-Edge Cure
With the specific heating elements running the full length of the chamber, you can count on a true modern cure for screen printing dryer.

Never-Worry Belt
Ensures that your belt stays exactly where it needs to be. This is a unique feature of the Forced-Air Conveyor DTG Dryer.

Plastisol, Water Based, DTG
Aeolus conveyor dryer is suitable for any print that you generate. Plastisol, water-based, and the direct-to-garment all work with this screen printing dryer.

Control Your Cure
With two separate zones of heating elements, you can maximize this screen printing DTG dryer to the ideal temp quick and let it dwell there in terms of conveyor dryer.

The Aeolus Forced Air Conveyor DTG Dryer is using BBC proprietary heating method the Aeolus dyer would be able to cure various types of print for screen printing dryer. The Aeolus conveyor DTG model uses stocks of angled heating panels running along the corner of the PTFE coated belt to get rid of the edge loss for a screen printing conveyor dryer. The forced air conveyor DTG dryer's special design is linked with BBC proprietary watt density algorithm, which allows the Aeolus to be the most competitive cure in its class for a conveyor dryer. This conveyor dryer machine is ideal for customers who are determining if they should increment their production time and deliver the top-notch quality garments to their consumer, this will be the perfect screen printing dryer for your business.

Product Features of Aeolus Screen Printing Conveyor Dryer 

  • Overall Length: 144"
  • Overall Width: 48"
  • Overall Height: 59"
  • Chamber Length: 72"
  • Belt Width: 36" Self-Tracking
  • Built-In Belt Speed and Temp Control
  • Capacity: 1,500+/hr (plastisol), 500+/hr (water base)

Details about the Aeolus Forced Air Conveyor DTG Dryer 

  • Watts: 17,280 Volts: 240
  • Amps: 72 (single phase) or 42 (3 phase)
  • Plug: NONE -Wired Directly to Box
  • Belt Speed: 1-12 fpm
  • Dimensions: 144" x 48" x 59"