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AlbaChem Venta -TM Table Top Cleaning Station

SKU ALBA-70-21
The Venta-TM is a compact very powerful spot cleaning system to be used with electric spot cleaning guns. The strong vacuum motor draws cleaning fluid fumes away from the operator while drying the fabric quickly and completely. This fast drying reduces the formation of "rings" or "circles" that sometime appear when spot cleaning certain types of fabrics. The vacuum action also holds the fabric in place while cleaning,pulls the stains away from the fabric, and reduces the exposure of the operator to cleaning fluid fumes. Made in Italy.
  • Removes possible harmful fumes from the workplace
  • Dries fabric quickly
  • Reduces or eliminates "rings"
  • Provides a clean workspace for spotting
  • Heavy gage steel construction with stainless steel cleaning arm (buck)
Directions for use : Turn on unit to start the vacuum. Place stain garment on cleaning buck. Remove spot using an electric spot cleaning gun's pinpoint spray setting and remove stain from the outside working inward. Adjdust the spray on the spot gun to a fine mist and "feather out" the stain by spraying around the outside of the stained area just removed. Allow vacuum to dry the fabric completely. Repeat process if necessary