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Digital Factory 10 Apparel RIPServer

by Cadlink

Digital Factory 10 Apparel RIPServer includes some new features such as 64-bit architecture, barcode support for production, cadlink effects distressed, distressed frames, easy color adjustments and sharpen filters, easy job color replacement, color adjustments with merge icc rendering intents, rip server available (additional costs will apply on thread support, unicode support with many languages & drive multiple machines (additional costs apply per printer)

Maximize your investment in Epson and Brother DTG technology with a RIP software that was specifically designed for the Apparel RIPServer.

With this edition, you can use the Apparel RIPServer for Epson F2100/F2000 and Brother GTX.

Printing vibrant, color-accurate graphics on garments of all colors has never been easier or faster.

What most garment printers do not realize is that Digital Factory Apparel software comes in many different configurations and brand names. One of the original "t-shirt printing" software packages brought to market, Digital Factory Apparel is, and has been bundled by many of the world's leading vendors of garment printing solutions under a variety of different brand names. It is very safe to say that various configurations of Digital Factory Apparel are installed on more desktops worldwide than any other software of this type.

Why Digital Factory?

In a sentence, enhanced color management plus workflow support that enables the quickest file preparation and production times. All Digital Factory Apparel software products feature Visual Production Manager, a centralized hub that supports multiple production queues simultaneously. Each package includes pre-set color management and underbase settings (when required) within the queues enabling printing right out of the box.

Digital Factory Apparel also includes "production plug-ins" that are simply not found in any other products; "Send-to" plugin's for direct interface with design applications; Masking (background removal) plug-ins; Background color removal plug-ins (enabling "image blending" into fabric colors); Resolution enhancement plug-ins (image quality. sharpness enhancement).

Digital Factory Apparel is also available in configurations specifically designed to support Brother and Epson garment printers.