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Kiwo Azocol Poly-Plus RS 1QT

by Kiwo

Azocol Poly-Plus RS is used for the production of high-quality, solvent and water resistant stencils. Suitable for coating of nickel screens, and rotary printing cylinders, Azocol Poly-Plus RS has a very high solids content, excellent copying properties and is easily decoatable. This solution is biodegradable and can be emptied into drains in standard working dilution. For best use, protect Azocol Poly Plus RS from freezing.

Physical Dat

















Color Unsensitized-blue/sensitized-green
Viscosity Approx. 3.000 mPas (DIN 53019, D+ 100 s-1
Storage Unsensitized-1 year (at 20-25 °C)/ Sensitized-approx. 6 weeks (at 20-25 °C)/Screens coated in advance: approx.. 4 weeks (at 20-25 °C in complete darkness). With longer storage of pre-coated screens, the copying materials can absorb humidity from the environment. IT is therefore advisable to dry again prior to copying.


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