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Kiwo Pregan Paste - Chemical Roughening Agent for Aluminum Frames

by Kiwo

Kiwo Pregan Paste (chemical Roughening Agent for Aluminum Frames).

Available in: Gallon

Pregan Paste is a strong alkaline paste for cleaning metallic surfaces. This paste can also be used as a haze remover in combination with ink wash (Pregan C4) or with Pregan C404B to remove ink and emulsion residues after coating. It can also be used as a roughening agent for aluminum frames to promote better adhesion.

Physical Data





































Color Light Yellow
Consistency Paste
Shelf-life 1 year at 68 °F (20 °C)
Flash Point Not applicable
pH value >14
TLV Sodium Hydroxide 2 mg/m3
VOC None
HMIS Rating Health: 3/ Flammability: 0 /Reactivity: -1


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