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Kiwo Touchup (Kiwofiller 401) 1Gal

by Kiwo

Kiwo Touchup (Kiwofiller 401).

Available in: Gallons.

Kiwo Touchup (Kiwofiller 401) is a low viscosity screen filler used for re-touching screen imperfections. Kiwo Touchup is highly resistant to all solvents commonly used in the screen printing process and is suitable for application by brush. This product is VOC free and contains no alcohols or solvents. Available by the gallon.

Physical Data









































Color Blue
Consistency Viscous liquid
Shelf-life 1 year at 68 °F (20 °C)
Flash Point Not applicable
TLV Not applicable
VOC None
HMIS Rating Health -1
Flammability -0
Reactivity -0


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