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SPC-824SD 2-Color Pad Printer with Shuttle


The SPC-824SD is a 2-color, closed ink cup automatic pad printer with a shuttle. The machine has 90mm ink cup and a printable area of 3.1" (80mm) in diameter.


  • Double color printing, pneumatic driven shuttle system.
  • Microprocessor controlled, easy and convenient to operate.
  • Automatic 5-digit piece counter.
  • Aluminum alloy frame, the machine is light and sturdy
  • Convenient ink loading ink cup, easy to install, operate and clean
  • Ink cup system dramatically reduces airborne solvent vapors
  • The speed and the vertical stroke of the heads can be adjusted independently.
  • Ink cup is automatically balanced, ensures a perfect ink scraping.
  • The extra function twice inking, once printing is designed for thicker ink film.
  • For different requirements, the working speed can be adjusted.
  • 2-color, 1-color printing available, the two printing units can be adjustable independently.
  • Air jet for fast drying between colors.

SPC-824SD Specifications

Printer type Automatic 2-color with shuttle
Workstation distance 125 ( 4.92")
Workstations 2
Max. steel plate 3.9"x9.8" / 100x250mm
Ink cup size 3.54 / 90mm
Max. printing diameter 3.1" / 80mm in diameter)
Max. printing speed 1,100 per hour
Power supply 110/220V 60/50Hz, 50W
Air consumption 170 liter/min (6.3cfm)
Dimensions 647x542x1301mm (25.4"x21.3"x51.2")
Weight 113Kg. (292lbs.)
Shipping weight 204 (475lbs)