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SPC-818D Pneumatic 1-Color Pad Printer


The SPC-818D is a manual, heavy-duty, 1-color pad printer. The machine has a forward pad stroke of 8" and comes with a standard 120mm ink cup with a maximum image size of 4x12". For a larger image of 5x12", an optional ink cup of 135mm is available.

SPC-818D Specifications

Ink cup diameter 4.7" / 120mm
Standard plate size 24.7"x5" / 627x125mm
Worktable size 7.8"x17.7"/ 200x50mm
Max. printing length 12"/ 300mm
Max. printing speed 1200 pcs/hr
Max. printing pressure 2955N (6bar)
Power supply 110/220V, 60/50Hz 50w
Air consumption 397 Liters/min
Dimensions 1120x750x1629mm / 44.1"x29.5"x64.1"
Machine Weight 230Kg. / 506 lbs plus crate weight for shipping