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Uninet iColor 350 Laser Sublimation Printer

by Uninet

Uninet iColor 350 Warranty Information

What's so unique about the iColor 350 Dye Sublimation printer compated to ink based systems?

  • Suited for a production level environment, the iColor 350 features vastly faster print speeds: 20 pages per minute vs 1 page per 2 minutes for ink (photo mode)
  • No clogged heads resulting from non-use. Toner based systems do not have this maintenance issue.
  • Much longer expiration date on toner (ink expires within one year)
  • Much higher page yield options

What's Included?

  • Sublimation Software Bundle which is comprised of a special printing driver that allows for reverse printing and the use of dedicated color profiles, a special ICC color profile for accurate print colors, and full instructions (written and videos on the USB) for various transfer substrates. It also come with 1000 page starter cartridges.

Uninet iColor 350 Dye Sublimation Laser Toner Printer Brochure

Uninet iColor 350 Dye Sublimation Laser Toner Printer User Manual

On-demand full color toner-based dye sublimation transfer printer for in house production of apparel, textile and hard surface transfer markets.

The iColor 350 is a unique, low cost and versatile on-demand printing solution for short to mid run dye sublimation transfer production of garments, hard surfaces, and much more! The iColor 350 does not require special software or special transfer media! Keep costs low by printing on regular copy paper instead of expensive dye sublimation media.