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Vastex BigRed 4D Series Infrared Dryers

by Vastex

** Lead Time: 4.5-5 Weeks **

Note: This product requires filling out a mandatory electrical form. Please speak with one of our representatives about filling out this form at time of purchase to ensure timely order processing.

** Only ships to continental U.S. **

Vastex BigRed 4D Series Infrared Dryers Spec Sheet

Vastex BigRed 4D Series Infrared Dryers Operation Manual

BigRed® 4D Series dryers in 30 and 54 in. (76 and 137 cm) belt widths are the largest and most powerful dryers engineered specifically for DTG digital inks and/or screen-printed plastisols, water-based inks and discharge, making them ideal for Kornit® and other high-volume DTG shops, as well as automatic screen printing operations requiring high capacities. The modular design allows for expandability to easily add chambers and conveyor length as production needs increase.


  • ACCURATE - Two temperature controllers are accurate to +/-1 degree F. Digital PID with Fuzzy logic is the most advanced in the industry
  • SMART - Unique cooling bed at exit, speeds up garment cooling. Cool Down Mode for easier shut down
  • ADJUSTABLE - 4” - 7” (10.2 - 17.7 cm) belt-to-heater height adjustment
  • CONVENIENT - Digital belt speed voltmeter, a must have!
  • VERSATILE - Make-up Air and Negative Exhaust Air, removes moisture and fumes fast.
  • FILTERED - Filtered air intake provides clean curing air, no recycled fumes!
  • HEAVY DUTY - “X-Series” Conveyor Belt Tracking System w/HD drive.
  • EXPANDABLE - Add heat chambers and belt extensions. (rear idler required over 17’ long)
  • CONSISTENT - Side heaters allow for even curing across entire width of heating element


Standard Wattage 14,200w 25,600w

Voltage 240V 240V
Belt Width x Length 30” x 8¾’ (76.2 x 267cm) 54” x 8¾’ (137.2 x 267cm)
Chamber (tunnel) Length 4.5’ (137.2cm) 4.5’ (137.2cm)
1 Row 3 Row 2 Rows
Plastisol @ 25 secs. 475+/hr 1,425+/hr 950+/hr
Water Based/Discharge @ 50 secs 216+/hr 648+/hr 432+/hr
Digital White Ink @ 3 min. 60/hr 180/hr 120/hr
Digital White Ink @ 8 min. 24/hr 60/hr 48/h


  • Add heat chambers @ 4.5’ (137cm) long.
  • Belt extensions, front or rear, 18" (46 cm) increments
  • 3-Phase, 208, 380, 480 voltages available
  • Conveyor Air Bar
  • Exhaust Hood, provides extra fume extraction
  • Locking casters for easy mobility
  • Donut Probe

Note: Upgrade to 440-480V for $900