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Discontinued - WS73 Water Wash Green Plates 5PK

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SKU PAD-WS73-100210

WS73 Water Wash Green plates are steel-backed, photopolymer nylon coated, water wash printing plates that are ready for etching. These plates are thicker than their WS43 counterpart and allow for deeper etching. Plates can withstand approximately 10,000 impressions.

  • Plates are green
  • Maximum emission from the UV light source should be between 360-380nm.
  • Washout plate in a flat container filled with water and rub with a soft brush to remove unexposed and dissolved material.
  • The water can be straight from the tap.

WS73 Specifications:

  • Art Exposure time: 90-120 seconds (Using the All American EB-320 plate exposure unit)
  • Screen Tint Exposure time: 90-120 seconds (less time for more depth/more time for less depth in the etch)
  • Washout time: (using warm water) 2-3 minutes at 25-30 ° C/ 75-85 ° F.
  • Drying time: minimum of 20 minutes at 80 ° C / 175 ° F
  • Post Exposure time: minimum of 20-30 minutes