Sequin Motif Machine

Sequin Motif Machine

Fastest Motif Maker


The Sequin Motif Machine is the fastest and most advanced digital automatic hotfix sequin motif making machine on the market. Sequins are flat, iridescent, colorful pieces of plastic that come in various shapes and sizes (circles, stars, hearts, squares, etc.). Easily create your own custom designed sequin motif that can be transferred to just about any type of garment.

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Production Oriented

The Sequin Machine sets your creation onto transfer tape at impressive max speed of 900 pieces per minute. You can load 4 different sequin cartridges at once to do combinations of 4 sizes and/or 4 colors at the same time. Able to place 2mm sequins inside 7mm sequins and 3mm inside 9mm. Each cartridge can contain sequins of different sizes, shapes, or colors. Features a generous working area of 17.71 x 13.78 inches.


sequin machine sample NY hat

Better Washability

Sequins are more durable and can withstand countless machine washes compared to traditional hotfix rhinestones. Threadless sequins use the highest grade adhesive. The sequins do not catch or rub against each other prolonging the life of each transfer design.

Best Quality and Support

Each sequin motif machine is thoroughly checked to ensure the All
American Best Quality Standard. With every purchase you receive a 1 year limited warranty as well as technical support from our team of technicians.

sequin machine reels
sequin machine threding a motif
sequin machine control panel


  • End-of-roll auto-stop feature
  • Fastest automatic hotfix sequin motif making machine
  • Easy-to-use touch screen monitor
  • Automatic up and down
  • Machine holds 3 easy-to-load cartridges that can contain different shapes and sizes (circles, stars, hearts, squares, etc.)
  • Automatic repeat functions
  • Faster production and higher profit margins compared to rhinestones


Maximum Work Area 17.16 x 12.4”

(440 x 318mm)

Machine Size 31.49 x 39.97 x 25.59”

(800 x 1000 x 650mm)

Machine Weight 198.41 lbs (90kg)
Shipping Weight (crated) 319.67 lbs (145kg)
Cartridges 4 sets
Speed (5mm sequin)

600 pieces/min

Sequin Sizes 2mm–7mm
System Requirements Windows® 2000/XP/


Environment 50o to 95oF (10o to 35oC)

Humidity 20-85% Rh

Interface USB (USB1.1/2.)
Power Consumtion 90VA (average), 20VA (idling)
Power Supply AC220V/115V ±10%

50/60Hz ± 1 Hz

Table Top Tubular Drop Table for finished products

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