12″ Wide Siser EasyPSV Etch Vinyl – 1 Foot (Sheet) Rolls


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Siser EasyPSV Permanent Etch 

Siser EasyPSV Permanent Etch is the Hassle Free Etch Effect!

Siser EasyPSv Etch promises a clean and classic look that resembles sandblasted or etched glass. Put down the heavy sandblaster and step away from the messy etching cream! Siser EasyPSV Etch only needs your craft cutter and application tape to complete any and all of your glass or mirror projects. Etch’s smooth finish is complimented with a slight metallic dusting that allows the Siser EasyPSV to be translucent enough to see the color of the decorated object, but also opaque enough to be distinctive. Place Siser EasyPSV Etch on black surfaces for a wicked cool decal or watch as the sun illuminates it through your window. The permanent adhesive of Siser EasyPSV Etch allows it to last for years and years. So when you use Siser EasyPSV Etch you know you have a frosted look that won’t flake!

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Dimensions 12 × 5 × 5 in