Adelco ProCure 180G Gas Dryer




Adelco ProCure 180G Gas Dryer

Adelco’s Pro-Cure dryer has the flexibility that you are looking for in a modular conveyor belt dryer.  With its advanced and efficient airflow and exhaust system it works well with traditional screen printing, water-based inks, and digitally printed textiles. The belt width on this dryer is 180cm (78.86″) and comes in varying lengths 3 meters (9.84″) 4 meters (13.12″), 5 meters (16.4″) 6 meters (19.69″) Pricing various on your dryer configuration. Adelco dryers feature an oven feed and exit extraction hoods to provide a cleaner working environment. Some of the many features incorporated in the new dryer include Dual lint filters that prevent lint build up in the dryer, reducing cleaning maintenance dramatically and enables filters to be cleaned in seconds whilst the dryer is still running.


  • Features new Vacuum pull-down that provides exceptional stability of delicate fabrics preventing lifting/flipping of fabrics or transfer paper whilst under high-velocity Jet Air curing technology
  • Even higher airflow through the garment for increased airflow penetration leading to faster curing times and unmatched wash fastness.
  • Features new “Eco Extractor + technology” which utilizes more clean filtered air whilst extracting 100% more contaminated air and fumes and still maintaining superior energy efficiency levels.
  • New touchscreen interface design, easier to navigate and reacts faster.
  • Unique built-in hood extraction helps prevent fumes from escaping into your factory, as products enter and exit the oven for a cleaner, more pleasant working environment
  • Fast and easy to clean fine filtration system that can be cleaned even while the dryer is running, no replacement filters required.
  • Reduced energy consumption for the lowest running costs.Integral exhaust connected from the top of the dryer with easily adjustable exhaust outlet valve. Lint filter removable from either side of the dryer (No replacement filters required)

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