Aeoon Kyo Series

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The Aeoon Kyo Series makes digital direct-to-garment printing on an industrial scale possible. DTG is no longer a low-volume printing method; The Aeoon Kyo Series can produce up to 800 T-shirts per hour in stunning high-resolution with native 600 dpi. Print in CMYK and white on light and dark colors garments with environmentally-friendly ink that has received Oeko-tex and GOTS certifications. Best of all, the Aeoon Kyo is upgradeable to grow along with your business!



Start with 4 and expand to 12 printheads as your business increases to keep up with demand. The ability to mount new printheads makes the Aeoon one of the fastest DTG printers available. All printheads have native 600 dpi, 2558 nozzles, and up to 40Kh. The Kyo Series allows you to use the right amount to printheads to generate the most cost-effective output for your business. 


Each machine has a stand pallet sizes ranging from 25 x 35 cm up to 100 x 200, but custom sizes are available. Please contact us for more information about custom pallets.


The Aeoon Kyo Series can be equipped with two or three industrial linear motor table axes. The durable, full metal body of the machine is designed to withstand mechanical stress caused by industrial use. Adding additional axes is the only feature that cannot be upgraded later.


Aeoon Kyo Digital Series – Dimensions: 4,1m x 2,2m x 2,0m | 2.000KG


Heads CMYK

Print Heads White White Garments Color/Black Garments
Kyo4/3 4 0 Up to 800

Kyo4 XL

4 0 Up to 800


4 4 Up to 800

Up to 350


8 0 Up to 1280


8 0 Up to 1280


4 8 Up to 800

Up to 510

For more information about the Aeoon Kyo Series, please contact All American.

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