ALBA Industrial Strength Spot Remover and Dry Cleaning Fluid


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Made to remove stains that are not soluble in water. This includes oil, grease, graphite, tar, adhesives, paint, oily foods, make up, shoe marks and more. It is safe to use on most fabrics – both dry clean only fabrics (s-coded) and washable fabrics. Great for use on clothing, upholstery, drapery, carpeting and more.

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Directions for use:
Use only in a well ventilated area. Place an absorbent material under stained area, if possible. Pour a
small amount of ALBA Cleaning Fluid onto a clean white cloth. Blot stains with ALBA. Then rub stained
area until stain dissolves. Using a second clean white cloth rub area to remove any excess liquid. Reapply if necessary. Always test ALBA on a hidden part the fabric first.

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16oz, 32oz


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