AlbaChem 1074 Fabric Seal Spray


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AlbaChem Fabric Seal Spray inhibits fabric from unraveling and thread slippage. Using Fabric Seal does away with over-edge stitching and greatly decreases seam failure. Fabric Seal will reduce waste and save time and money. Great for fabric storage..Hint: Cover top and bottom of fabric bundle to shield from overspray.

  • Prevents the unraveling of fabric
  • Prevents thread slippage and reducesseam failure
  • Eliminates over-edge stitching
  • Net Wt 10oz

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

Directions for Use:
Shake can well before using. Cover top and bottom of
fabric bundle with paper to shield from over spray. Hold
container 6 to 8 inches from work. Move steadily across
bundle with very little back and forth motion. Penetration
should not be more then 1/16″ on most fabrics. Prevents
unraveling of fabric.

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Weight 1 lbs