AlbaChem ALBA-5 Lubricant 6.84 oz. Aerosol Can


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Alba-5 is the best way to apply lubricant to the moving parts on embroidery and other machinery. The unique metered value allows you to apply a single drop of oil to a specific area without any over-spray or dripping.

  • Precision Metered Oil Release
  • 100% Clear Lubricating Oil
  • Great for Embroidery, Sewing and all textile machinery
  • No dripping
  • Applies a drop at a time
  • Net Wt. 6.84oz

Directions for Use:
Attach extension straw to the button. Point straw at the exact location where
you need the lubricant. Fully depress and release button. A measured amount of
mineral oil will be delivered without any “overspray”. Re-apply as needed.

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