AlbaChem HGR Haze Ink Degradent Haze Remover




HGR Ink and Haze Remover is a unique solvent based screen wash which also works as a non-corrosive haze and stain remover. Low odor and non-hazardous, HRG dissolves ink quickly and washes off clean. HGR is a great follow-up product for printers who prefer 2 in 1 ink and emulsion removers. Use HGR to remove any remaining ink residue and degrease the screen at the same time.

  • Non-Hazardous, Non-Caustic
  • Removes imbedded UV and Plastisol ink which remain after ink and emulsion removal
  • Does not contain any sodium periodate or periodic acid
  • Excellent degreaser as it also removes dirt, residues and sizing

Directions for use:

As a screen wash: Scrape off excess ink, apply HGR and brush into both sides of the screen
with a rag, long bristle brush or scrub pad. Flush with high pressure water.
As a Haze/Stain Remover: Brush into the haze stain on both sides of the screen and wait a
few minutes. Do no allow the product to dry on the screen. Then flush with high pressure
As 2nd Step when using an Ink and Emulsion Remover in a dip tank: Remove screen from
dip tank and flush both sides with high pressure water. Brush in HGR to both sides of the
screen and wait residual ink stain in gone but don’t allow product to dry on the screen, flush
with high pressure water. Repeat if necessary.

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