AlbaChem Plast Wipe Press Wash


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Plast Wipe is a highly effective, water soluble press wash for plastisol and other screen print inks. Cuts ink fast, wipes off clean with little or no residue. TIP: Plast Wipe can also be used to clean up water-based pallet adhesives from pallets. Plast Wipe will not “lock-in” emulsions, making the reclaiming process faster and easier. Great for color changes on press or clean-up in the reclaim area. Use Plast Wipe manually, in re-circulation systems, or enclosed automated systems.

  • Great ink cutting
  • Fast evaporation
  • Perfect for color changes
  • Low odor, high flashpoint

Directions for Use:

Card off excess ink. Apply Plaswipe with spray bottle to ink side of screen and
wipe-off with absorbent cloth. Repeat on press side of screen.

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