AlbaChem Sten-X Ready To Use Stencil Remover




Sten-X Stencil Remover is a “ready for use” emulsion remover. Sten-X quickly breaks down emulsion for fast efficient screen reclamation. Biodegradable and VOC free Sten-X is perfect for printers who do not want to make their own emulsion removers.

  • Ready to use, regular strength emulsion remover
  • Has superior wetting properties
  • No precipitation of active ingredients

Directions for use:

After all ink and tape have been removed, wet screen and apply Sten-X with a soft bristle
brush, scrub pad, or rag to both sides of the screen. Once emulsion has softened, flush with
high pressure rinse starting at the bottom of the with a side to side motion working upwards
toward the top. Repeat rinse on other side of the screen.
TIP: For faster production, apply chemical to both sides and set screen to the side. Then
move on to the next screen, after 3-5 screens have been scrubbed, return to the first screen
and flush with high pressure as described above. Repeat on the remaining screens. Make
sure you flush screens before chemical dries. This technique allows the chemical and time
to work for you

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