BBC Black Flash Dryer


BBC Black Flash Dryer Features: 

  • Large Selection – 14 Different Models
  • Low Profile Design
  • Rotates 360°
  • Unique Leveling Mechanism (controls the angle of the dryer so it will always be perfectly level with every platen or surface)
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty on Heating Elements


BBC Black Flash Dryer

BBC Black Flash Dryer is known to be one of the best flash dryers in the market for the purpose of using for flash curing inks on textiles and other substrates. BBC Black Flash Dryer includes a 5-Starbase stand, Caster, 10ftpower cord, on/off switch, and a power indicator light. The Black Flash Dryers accessories can be added at any time.

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A. BF1-1600SD Model, B. BF1-1800SD Model, C. BF2-2000SD Model, D. BF2-2200SD Model, E. BF2-2600SD Model, F. BF2-2700SD Model, G. BF2-3400SD Model, H. BF3-3001SD Model, I. BF3-3600SD Model, J. BF3-4500SD Model, K. BF4-4000SD Model, L. BF4-5000SD Model, M. BF4-5200SD Model, N. BF5-5500SD Model