BBC Forced Air Conveyor DTG Dryer


The BBC Forced Air Conveyor DTG Dryer Features:

  • Infrared and Convection DTG Dryer
  • Digital Temp and Dwell Time Displays
  • Process Mode Switch Alters Heat Profile which unique for any conveyor DTG dryer
  • Hassle-Free Belt Tracking
  • Controls and Chamber Body are Cool to the Touch perfect for the ideal screen printing dryer
  • Air Flow Starts with Warm, Dry Air from the Dryer Floor and Ends Through Holes in the Heating Elements
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BBC Forced Air Conveyor DTG Dryer

The BBC Forced Air Conveyor DTG Dryer is an all-in-one conveyor dryer designed for any ink – digital, water-based, or plastisol. This screen printing conveyor DTG dryer has a process mode switch, which gives the dryer a lot of power and it makes this model ideal for digital-to-garment or screen printing businesses.

The Forced Air Conveyor DTG Dryer cures digital, water-based, & plastisol ink. It’s unique with a process mode switch. 

Changing the mode changes the heat profile of the substrate through the screen printing conveyor DTG dryer. This gives you the ability to increase chamber time without the risk of scorching, necessary for different ink systems.

Infrared and Convection Oven     

Hot dry air enters the tunnel through holes in our custom heater element is featured this forced air conveyor dryer.

Digital Chamber Time Control 

Lets you control the dwell time in the chamber, not just an arbitrary speed on the conveyor dryer.

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AIR 2408, AIR 3610