H-168 Pneumatic Hot Stamping Machine


The H-168 is a pneumatic stamping machine. The stamping temperature can be adjusted from room temperature to 280°C / 535°


Stamp preprinted foil directly onto tile, ceramic, and plastic surfaces with the pneumatic H-168 Hot Stamping Machine. This machine can handle both flat and curved surfaces.


  1. Microprocessor control and pneumatic component drive for easy operation. Four-digit auto counter built into the panel
  2. A control program for flat and cylindrical stamping stored and cylindrical stamping available with optional (standard on H-168S) fixture attachment.
  3. Manual, semi-auto, and auto operation available and adjustment is easy.
  4. Auto-foil winding and foil collecting length adjustable.
  5. Worktable auto moves into and out of stamping position to facilitate substrate loading and unloading.
  6. Stamping pressure, temperature, and speed are all adjustable.
  7. Stamping head height is adjustable.
  8. The steel structure is very solid and durable.


Max. Stamp Pressure 130 kgf (286lbs.)
Worktable Size 100×168 mm (4”x6.6”)
Stamp head Stroke 25-75 mm (1”-3”)
Stamp Temp. Ambient to 280c (536f)
Max. Substrate Height 185 mm (7.2”)
Max. Stamp Speed 1200 pieces hour
Power Wattage 220v 50Hz
Heating Wattage 900w
Air Consumption Outline dimensions: 530mmx580mmx1385mm
Weight 95 kg (210lbs)

Additional information

Weight 247 lbs
Hot Stamping: