HIX R2R 45T Air Operated Roll-To-Roll Label Press


HIX R2R 45T Air Operated Roll-To-Roll Label Press Features:

  • Quick Release -Toolless locking hub for quick change over between roll labels
  • Over/Under Multicolor index reader – easily adjustable to read either side of the label with a teachable sensor for accurate indexing
  • Toolless Web guides – adjust web guides quickly and easily for accurate web tracking
  • Emergency Stop
  • Manual/Auto Selection – Drive selection Button
  • Jog Button – For manually advancing roll transfers during set-up operations
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HIX R2R 45T Air Operated Roll-To-Roll Label Press

  • Substrates include care labels but also shirt necks and sleeves, pockets, etc. (any small transfer application with large quantity demand)
  • The roll-to-roll label press comes with a 4 x 4” standard platen, 3 ¾ x 3 ¾” effective transfer size.
  • The 8” diameter maximum label roll capacity
  • •Over/under multi-color index reader for opaque (paper) carrier fil
  • Optional reader for transparent carrier file
  • Safe 2-handed control switch and emergency stop function
  • Auto/manual operation selection
  • Override the jog button
  • Integrated touch-screen controller provides– easy user access to a menu of options, including– 4 programmable presets for easy toggling between various temp/time combination settings (including two-step transfer setting)– temperature readout (set and actual temperature up to 450°F /232°C),– time readout (set and actual count-down timer up to 99 minutes 99secs), and– pressure readout (intensity value between 1-very light to 9-very strong)


  • Dimensions: D16″ x W33″ x H26″
  • Available as 220 volts for additional $1858″
  • O.D. Max Roll Size4″x5″
  • Standard Heat PlatenDigital Timer – Adjustable up to 999 seconds shows the countdown on the readout
  • Digital Heat Control – adjustable up to 425F and displays the current temperature
  • Optical Two-Hand Control Switches – Requires the operator to have hands clear of heat head when operating machine
  • Interchangeable Lower Platen – Quick change over of lower pad for shaped dies
  • Air Control (requires only 4cfm air) – Fully adjustable pressure range control
  • Core-less Take up Reel – Easily discard spent roll stock; no core, no tape, simply place the end of the roll between reel fingers
  • Lighted Power Button120 volt, 4 amps, 450 watts
  • Heat Press weight 113 Lbs
  • Shipping weight 138 Lbs
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty on the heating element/ One-year warranty on components

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