HIX S-450 Digital Clamshell Heat Press Machine 15 X 15


HIX S-450 Clamshell Heat Press Machine Features:

  • Easy integrated digital time and temperature settings – Touch-screen controller allows simple dialing in of time and temperature.
  • Touch-screen controller and full digital readout
  • Preset selections (4) of temperature-time combinations can be easily programmed into the machine.
  • 9 pressure levels (1-3 for light pressure, 4-6 for medium, and 7-9 for heavy)
  • Tilting (floating) lower platen
  • 4″ x 5″ pressure plate surface for even pressure on the heating top platen
  • Certified electrically safe (ETL)
  • 100% Made in the USA
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HIX S-450 Clamshell Heat Press Machine

HIX S-450 Clamshell Heat Press Machine is a 15” x15” cast heat platen that can apply all types of transfers on substrates up to 1” thick. The heat press machine has a heating element embedded within casting for perfect and even heat transfer. The Auto-open mechanism combines the efficiency and speed of an air automatic heat transfer machine with the economy of a manual press, thereby greatly reducing operator fatigue. The proprietary mechanical latch system automatically opens the press, without the use of an air compressor, once the preset time has expired. Smooth progressive gas shock lift system. HIX S-450 Clamshell Heat Press Machine has a quick release mechanism allows manual override of the auto-release function. Easy-to-use open-and-close handle with spring assist and a full range pressure adjustment, adds 20% more pressure over straight handle designs.  Floating lower platen helps provide even pressure on thicker items. The heat press machine has an integrated touch-screen controller provides, an easy user access to a menu of options, including four programmable presets for easy toggling between various temp/time combination settings (including two-step transfer setting). The temperature readout (set and actual temperature up to 450°F /232°C), time readout (set and actual count-down timer up to 99 minutes 99secs), and pressure readout (intensity value between 1-very light to 9-very strong).


  • Heat Press Style: Clamshell
  • 15″ x 15″ Non-Stick Coated Heat Platen
  • Gauge Reading: Fahrenheit or Celsius degree measure
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Digital Automatic Timer
  • Gas shock lift system
  • Opens up to approximately 70º
  • Lower adjustable flotation feature
  • Voltage: 120V (220V outside of US)
  • Temperature Range: 0° – 450º F
  • Even on items up to 1″ thick

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