Inktech GLE Gloss Enamel Ink




Gloss Enamel ink (GLE) is a high-gloss, solvent ink designed for long-term use outdoors. Print on traffic signs, license plates, and treated containers and more. Other substrates such as paper, metal, glass, wood, masonite, and treated polypropylene and polyethylene can be printed on using the GLE ink series. The ink is sold by the gallon.

Technical Data | GLE Ink MSDS | GLE Ink MSDS N/L

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 6 in

Fire Red, Brilliant Red, Bright Red, White, Primrose Yellow, Emerald Green, Opaque Reflex Blue, Royal Blue, Purple, Trans Red 1 Gallon, Black 1 Gallon, Brown 1 Gallon, Trans Green 1 Gallon, Trans Blue 1 Gallon, PMS 7474C Teal 1 Gallon, Red Quart, Bright Red Quart, Maroon Quart, Black 1 Gallon, White 1 Gallon, Brown Quart, Trans Medium Yellow Quart, Process Magenta Quart, Cerise 1 Gallon, Magenta Quart, Transparent Cerise Quart, Transparent Orange Quart, Rubine Red C Quart, Thinner 5 Gallon, Thinner 1 Gallon, Antiscuff 1 Gallon

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