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Ink thinners to use with Inktech AM Modified Acrylic Ink.

  • AM-1800 – although AM ink can be used straight from the can, it is recommended to thin the ink 5 – 15% by weight with this thinner.
  • AM-1820 – can be substituted for AM-1800 to improve screen stability when shop conditions are hot.
  • AM-3200 – use to when printing on Polycarbonate, acrylic, and PETG to prevent crazing on the substrate.

Techincal Data | AM-1800 MSDS | AM-1820 MSDS | AM-3200 MSDS

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AM-1800 Solvent Ink Thinner gal., AM-1820 Solvent Ink Slow Thinner 5 gal., AM-3200 Anti-craze Thinner gal.

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