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The DTG Firebird Pretreatment for Brother GTX is necessary when printing white ink onto textiles. Not only will it ensure that the DTG white ink images properly onto the garment, the DTG pretreatment will create optimal vibrancy and washability for all colors as well.



DTG Firebird pretreatment FBX-100™ for Brother GTX™ Printers

Compatible with many garments, apply to 100% Cotton, and Polyester Blends

• Apply LESS, Get MORE, use 50% less pretreatment than other brands to obtain optimal color

• Maximum White Ink Opacity for vibrant DTG prints, 33% brighter than other pretreatment brands

• Advanced Washability, protects from color fade and fibers from unraveling (minimal “fibrillation”)

• Wide-Open Application Window, easy to use and repeat perfect prints with excellent wash

• Incredibly soft hand feel does not “starch” the t-shirt

• Versatile Curing Methods: heat press, conveyor dryer, hang dry

• Long Shelf-Life, guaranteed for use up to one and a half years from the date of manufacture

• Easy to use, no shaking is required since FBX-100 does not settle or develop chunks of solids

• Low odor

Recommended Pretreatment Instructions for White Ink Printing

The following 4 Steps will ensure consistent results with your DTG white ink prints.

dtg wagner power sprayer with spray container
dtg wagner power sprayer with spray container for dtg pretreatment
Wagner® HLVP

1 – Fill your automatic pretreatment machine OR manual sprayer (Wagner® HLVP) with FIREBIRD pretreatment. For best results, do not dilute.

2 – Target between 16.5g to 22.0g of FIREBIRD PT per 14” x 17” print area.
has a wide application window, but apply as evenly as possible across the shirt.
(Lighter color shirts require less pretreatment than darker color shirts)

3 – Set your heat press temperature to 330°F (166°C) with medium pressure.

4 – Heat press the pretreated area for 30 to 60 seconds, or until dry to the touch. Tip: The parchment sheet should “fly” off the t-shirt when the heat press pops open. If you have to peel the sheet off the shirt continue heat pressing at 15-second intervals until fully dried and properly cured.

5 – You are now ready to start printing!

FIREBIRD  Tips & Tricks

  • FIREBIRD PT allows for a wide application window. FIREBIRD’s in-house testing results suggest up to 35.0grams of can produce extraordinarily white prints with FIREBIRD White Ink.  However, applying more than this amount may negatively effect wash results (flaking, cracking, peeling). Applying less than 16.5g may result in a less vibrant FIREBIRD white ink print.
  • Each t-shirt brand/colors affects the pretreatment amount for an optimal print. For example, a Black Gildan Heavy Cotton is optimized at 22.0g, while a Black Spectra 2100 optimizes at 18.0g. Refer to FIREBIRD Ink Shirt Matrix to see what brand shirts print best.
  • Heat presses temperature readings are surprisingly inaccurate. We recommend checking for 330°F with a non-contact IR thermometer across the heat press platen to ensure consistency.
  • When manually spraying with a Wagner® HLVP, the optimal distance is between 8” to 12” from the t-shirt. Continuously spray from top bottom or from left to right without turning off the sprayer. Minimize any “dwelling” of the sprayer to prevent pretreatment buildup in any one location.
  • Hotronix auto clam heat press full center open
    Hotronix auto clam heat press
    Stahls® Hotronix

    Keep your heat press pressure at medium (4 out of 10 on a Stahls® Hotronix) – Enough to matte down the fibers while also allowing moisture to escape when curing the pretreatment. Note: When curing the final printed shirt, apply “light” pressure for most vibrant results.

  • FIREBIRD PT has a 2-year shelf life, the longest in the industry. Store in 50°F-85°F conditions away from direct sunlight and heat.
  • Be sure to use a silicone-treated parchment sheet or kraft cover sheet to protect heat press from direct contact with a t-shirt. The sheet also helps wick away moisture when curing.
  • Always conduct your own testing to optimize pretreatment results!


  • For the 55 gallons there will be a freight charge, please give us a call at 714-576-2900.

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