Prisma Premium Heat Transfer Vinyl

Prisma Premium Heat Transfer Vinyl is a thin, flexible, and eco-friendly vinyl that super easy to weed. Designed with a pressure sensitive carrier sheet, the vinyl smoothly releases, making it easy to weed detailed designs and tiny letters without ripping them. Stop ruining your hard work when you’re so close to heat pressing it! Save time, money, and your nerves by trying Prisma Premium. 

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Prisma Premium Instructions

  1. Thickness 42 (96) Micron
  2. Preset your heat press to 150℃/302℉.
  3. Weed your design and lay it on the fabric so that the sticky side is face down. To protect the vinyl, set a silicone sheet on top of the graphic.
  4. Press design onto the shirt with a heat press using medium pressure for 5 seconds.
  5. Peel cold.


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