S-700S Pneumatic Cylindrical/Conical Screen Printer



An automatic, pneumatic drive, cylinder bottle screen printer. The S-700S comes with microprocessor controls, an auto-balanced squeegee, and a flood.


Max. printing diameter 215mm (8.6”)
Max. workpiece height <320mm (12.8”)
Taper range Positive: <5° Negative: <5°
Max. screen frame size 880x380mm (35.2”15.2”)
Max. screen frame size 230x140mm (9.2”x5.6”)
Max. Printing speed 1000 pcs/hr
Wattage 110/220V 60/50Hz 50W
Air consumption 80 liter/min (6bar) (3 cfm at 80-90psi)
Outline dimension 973x1292x1446mm (38”x51”x57’)
Weight 400 Kg. (881lbs.) plus crate weight for shipping


Additional information

Weight 800 lbs
Dimensions 57 × 38 × 51 in
Screen Printing: