Screen Printing Platen (Captain, Underbill, Side Panel, Face Mask)

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Captain Platen:

  • The Captain Platen 2.0 is the best hat platen you will every own. With the Captain Platen you can print full color high detail prints on unconstructed hats with ease. Give your DTG machine the ability to print on hats with the Captain Platen. Shop tested and printer approved.
  • Benefits:
    • Load the hat off the machine to eliminate unproductive waiting time
    • Keep your DTG machine continuously printing for higher production outputs
    • Load your hat in a low pressure setting to decrease errors
    • The Captain Hat Platen is designed to print at the exact same location every time
    • The Captain comes with guides to load each hat in the same place every time
    • Easy to operate and use at any skill level
    • Guides help to prevent misalignments and inconsistency in your prints
  • ** You need the Master Adaptor to use this platen with your machine. ** Patent Pending** This wonderful platen was designed for UNCONSTRUCTED HATS! So if you would like to print on constructed hats we recommend using our Side Panel or our Under Bill Platen.

Underbill Platen:

  • When you want to design a hat that stands out, you print under the bill and blow them away! It’s a more subtle surface hat gives your customers an exciting and uncommon design area to work with. ** You need the Master Adaptor to use this platen with your machine.

Side Panel Platen:

  • The side panel platen is the perfect to decorate constructed/fitted hats in seconds. The side panel hat platen is ideal to decorate hats with embroidered designs on the front to make them stand out. ** You need the Master Adaptor to use this platen with your machine.

Face Mask Platen:

  • Simply detach and attach the interchangeable top plates to the original Face Mask Platen to unlock your printing potential!

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Captain Platen, Underbill Platen, Side Panel Platen, Face Mask Platen


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