Tampastar TPR (1 Liter)


TPR Tampastar is a Class VI certified medical grade pad printing ink.

  • Glossy
  • Ink system: solvent-based 1 or 2 component
  • Very fast drying
  • Resistant alcohol, petrol and gasoline
  • Universal use


TPR Tampastar is a Class VI certified medical grade pad printing ink and is distinguished from other inks by its high resistance to mechanical stress, alcohol, human perspiration, cleaning agents, petrol, and gasoline. Print on pens, control knobs, camera housings and more with ease with TPR! The ink also adheres to polyacetal materials under certain circumstances.

TPR Tampastar Technical Data Sheet

 Tampastar TPR Color Chart



Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 5 in
Color Selection

Process Red (Magenta), Process Blue (Cyan), Process Yellow, Process Black, Opaque Light Yellow, Opaque Vermilion, Opaque Ultramarine, Opaque Grass Green, Opaque White, Silver, Rich Pale Gold, Rich Gold, Transparent Base, Lemon Yellow, Light Yellow, Medium Yellow, Orange, Vermilion, Scarlet Red, Carmine Red, Magenta, Brown, Violet, Ultramarine Blue, Medium Blue, Brilliant Blue, Blue Green, Grass Green, White, Black, Overprint Varnish Bronze, PMS Blue #293, PMS Blue #647, PMS Blue # 301C, PMS Blue #2925C, PMS Maroon #1815, PMS Red #032C, PMS Reddish #1795, PMS Purple #2583, PMS Cool Grey #5, PMS Tan #729, PMS Brown #4979, PMS #425C, PMS #1235C