Triangle Puff Ink Base 1300-200 For Plastisol Ink


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Triangle Puff Ink Base 1300-200 For Plastisol Ink

Tri-Puff 1300 Series plastisol is formulated for direct printing of athletic and leisure garments to give a raised tri-dimensional effect when cured for screen printing supplies.

Directions For Triangle Puff Ink Base 1300-200 For Plastisol Ink

Simply add around 30% of puff base additive to a standard plastisol ink of choice, and watch the ink puff up like a marshmallow when the print is cured. Great for 3D effects and adding dimension to your prints for screen printing ink.

Please note: puff base can impact your ink color, so measuring it before large runs are highly advisable for screen printing supplies.

Storage: Store at room temperature. Keep away from heat. Do not use this screen printing ink near dryers or flash units.

The Puff Bases will accommodate up to 25% of the Plastisol Pigment Concentrates. The PuffConcentrates are used by adding 10-15 parts by weight to ready-for-use inks. This addition will cause the color of the ink to change, and the more used, the more effective it will have on the color.

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