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Rhinestones: A Brilliant History

Rhinestone tiara set with multiple rhinestones taken by Detlef Thomas

Popular since their invention, the Rhinestone industry is still going strong. Named after the gemstones once panned out of the Rhine River (real rhinestone are all but depleted) rhinestones today are almost exclusively imitation gemstones cut from glass or lead crystal. Modern Rhinestone motifs and hotfix stones give manufacturers and customers and an easy and inexpensive way to decorate garments, but back in the day, they were used by royalty.

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Rhinestone Machines

Check out our latest additions to All American Supply line up of rhinestone, rhinestud & nailhead setters. These innovative machines will create larger motifs at faster speeds than the higher priced competitor machines. They can achieve the same size and speed directly onto garments. Compare them to the competitor machines and save thousands of dollars.

These machines are available to order from the All American webStore.