NeoFlex Printer Testimonials

[testimonial author_name=”Brad Jun” author_company=”NYC” author_quote=”“Reminds me of my first experience with the NeoFlex at the ISS show in Atlantic City in March. I was totally blown away with it.”
[testimonial author_name=”Randy Rogers” author_company=”Shirts’n’Giggles” author_website=”” author_quote=”“Had a couple of minor issues after my initial setup and
Justin was very helpful and connected me with Chris who was professional and did everything he could to get my issues taken care of. He even called me on his day off (Friday), so if they had to ship me a part I wouldn’t have to wait until Monday.””]
[testimonial author_name=”Brian” author_company=”Dead Meat” author_quote=”“I recently purchased the Neoflex. I decided to get the Neosol (solvent ink) and the Neotex (Textile ink). I had John from AA do my initial set up with the Neosol and couldn’t believe that he was willing to help me over the phone until 2a.m.! Definately going above and beyond the call of duty to help me.””]
[testimonial author_name=”Denver Riegal” author_company=”Shirt Works” author_quote=”“Last week we shipped out the last drop shipment of 500 T-shirts and 3000 oven mitts. The printer ran great. The only thing that slowed us down was unpacking and repacking the boxes.””]
[testimonial author_name=”John Cooper” author_company=”Stitch-Up Creative” author_quote=”“When I was researching which DTG printer to buy ALL brands were on my list. I then slowly reduced my list through reading, talking and visiting shows. In short, I went for the Neoflex over the Brother because it printed dark shirts – I can print white shirts using Dye Sublimation quite easily. The Neoflex was by far the most versatile printer I researched.””]
[testimonial author_name=”Imran Chagani” author_company=”Custom Apparel” author_quote=”“We have three DTG printers. Our business is simple design high volume. We personalize as well as print to stock. Our volumes are approx. 300-400 shirts a day on two shifts. Our greatest challenge was determing the amount of pre-treat solution and setting the curing times. The printers do require daily maint. which is critical to the quality of the print. If you follow the cleaning procedures that are documented in the manual you will have no problems. The Tech support and other members of the NEOFLEX team are always ready to help and provide support when needed. I would recommend this solution to anyone looking to enter the DTG market without reservations.””]
[testimonial author_name=”Scott Sallison ” author_company=”Artizen Organics” author_website=”” author_quote=”“Last year my company bought a DTG Kiosk from Ebay to start our direct garment printing business. Upon receiving it, it did not work properly as it was having ink starvation issues; particularly with the white ink. We took it to Anaheim to get it repaired and upgraded to the Kiosk 2 with the recirculating white ink system. Long story short, the thing only worked for about 2 weeks and not well at that. Mesa support was always too busy to help with anything and none of their techs could figure out our machine’s problem over the phone. This search lead me to the ISS in January where we found the Neo Flex system and decided to purchase this system. I flew to Philadelphia in the middle of that huge blizzard for the training and was received with warmth and uncommon courtesy by the people at All American. The owner, Peter, even took me to dinner after my training. Since then, I have been running my Neo Flex machine printing shirts steadily for a couple of months. My honest take on the machine is that it is a fantastic system. I use it daily for t shirt production and get really great results. I do the maintenance they trained me to do in Philly and have literally had no issues. When I switch to the solvent printer, it only takes a couple of minutes and I am running with fantastic results there too. I mainly have used the solvent printer on canvas so far but I am very happy with it. I have had to call All American a few times for questions and to order supplies and they are fast and courteous. The best part is, they actually talk to me when I call and I don;t have to wait for a call back that comes anywhere from an hour later to never (which is what I got from Mesa). All and all, if you are in the market for a digital printing system, the Neo Flex really gives the most for the money. I will never touch an SWF product again even if I found it hovering over a burning bush coated in gold with hosts of angels singing around it. If any of you have specific questions about my experience, I will be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.””]
[testimonial author_name=”Mandy Riley” author_company=”Vintage Tee’s” author_website=”” author_quote=””We bought our Neoflex in September and I have waited to post my opinions until now. Why? Honestly, I was waiting for something to go wrong so I would have a pro and con approach to my post. I can’t do that. The only cons (issues) have either been operator error, so minor they aren’t worth discussing or merely the challenges involved in learning a new machine and software. Before we bought the Neoflex we had a DTG HM1 that we had nothing but problems with. It was our first printer and had us all so frustrated we were nearly ready to throw in the towel all together. We could not print more than a three shirt run without having to do a complete maintenance overhaul! We went with this printer because we were told that the WIMS system was the only way to go when using white ink. The print head stayed clogged and the quality of our shirts dramatically declined from shirt to shirt when printing any runs. The printer could not put out more than one decent shirt at a time. It just couldn’t keep up with us. We unpacked the Neoflex, installed the software and printed a test shirt and it was flawless. That next day we had a 45 shirt run on black shirts, white ink underbase and full color. Again, flawless! It ran all 45 shirts without having to do any maintenance. No banding! No streaking! We can load three platens at a time and it will print all three in one pass! I cried! Literally. What was taking us 10+ hours to do before only took us 2 with the Neoflex. We have done very little maintenance to the machine other than your minor daily, weekly stuff. The closed ink system is so easy and clean. The amount of money that we have already saved in ink from not having to do 100 head cleanings over and over again to print a 4th shirt is unbelievable. There is no doubt that we made the best choice! Not to mention, the customer service is stellar! Justin held our hand through the entire buying process, Sue took over while Justin was at the show in Vegas and she went above and beyond to make sure we had what we needed and were ready to go when the machine got here. We were treated like gold at the show when we picked up the machine and every phone call or email we have made since we started printing has been answered immediately! AND they follow up with you!! I thought customer service like that was dead!””]

Neoflex Originaldirect to garment printer original neoflex

3-in1 Convertible Digital Printer. The printer has a large 17”x42” printing drastically increasing production speed.


Neoflex 2direct to garment printer neoflex 2

The NeoFlex 2 is a convertible DTG printer designed to give you the versatility and performance to take your business to the next level.