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Stop Limiting Your DTG Printing

Stop Limiting Your DTG Printing

When you purchase a direct-to-garment-machine you’re probably thinking about printing on t-shirts only. While DTG machines have made customized apparel easy to make and wear, inkjet printers like the NeoFlex or Epson F2000 aren’t limited to just garments. Expand your canvas! Some of our customers have taken their printing business in a new direction. Check out  a few of their ideas and start finding your niche market!


Wood Printing

If you have a Solvent System, like the NeoFlex, you can print on wood to create long-lasting signs, coasters, plaques, and other promotional items. Printing on wood also gives your wares a longer lifespan and opens up a new opportunity for business. For example, you could print photos on wood coasters for a special event like an anniversary or college graduation and everyone gets to go home with a keepsake that you made!


Canvas Printing

Don’t paint it, print it! Printing on canvas is the perfect way to make quick, long-lasting prints of family portraits, digital artwork, scenery and more. If the canvas size matches your image and can fit on your DTG machine’s printing bed, then you can turn works of art into canvas prints just like you would a tshirt.  If you open up the possibility, artists will come to you with their work for printing!


Fabric Printing

Most DTG printers can handle cotton fabric and 50/50 cotton poly blends, but you don’t HAVE to stick to just printing tees. For example, sites like Etsy and Snapmade offer custom printed pillow cases, and you can easily do the same! While you’re at it, why not consider custom tote bags, placemats, car seat covers, hat, or shoes? Using a DTG printer doesn’t limit you to shirts only. Test the fabric, play around with pretreatment, get a new platen, and broaden your printing horizons. Our customer Arkham Prints on instagram found a niche market making custom hats and converse sneakers–check out his shop!


Puzzles Printing

Companies like Shutterfly and Staples are offering customized puzzles that turn personal photos into hands-on keepsakes. If you have a Solvent System, you can make your own picture puzzle by printing directly onto cardboard, plastic, or wood puzzles. Printing on puzzles creates an interactive print that customers are likely to remember, cherish, and give you return business when they want to make keepsakes for their friends and family.  


Edible Printing

If you have a machine like the NeoFlex, you can bring all the ease of customizing tees to printing on sweets. By exchanging the internal printing system from Textile to Edible by switching printing modules and ink, you can expand your operation to printing on cakes, cookies, or lollipops, and more. Print edible cake images and make your business the go-to for customized sweets for weddings, graduations, and birthday parties. And why stop there? Print custom images on tiny mints, gum, and pills. Start producing  edible prints that are good enough to eat and make customers hungry for more!
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