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Hot Stamping & Heat Transfer

Hot Stamping Machine


Flat Hot Stamping Machine

H-190 Semi-Auto Flat Hot Stamping Machine 

The H-190 is a manual stamping machine that has no need for a compressor. Stamping temperature is adjustable from room temperature to 400 degree centigrade.

Flat / Cylinder

Flat/Cylinder Hot Stamping Machine

H-168S Pneumatic Flat / Cylinder Machine

The H-168S is a Pneumatic Flat & Cylinder stamping machine. Stamping temperature is adjustable from room temperature to 280 degree centigrade / 535 Fahrenheit.

Heat Transfer Machine


Cylindrical Heat Transfer Machine

HT-300S Pneumatic Cylindrical Heat Transfer Machine

The H-300S is a pneumatic cylindrical heat transfer machine with rubber roller. The Rubber roller rotates and heat transfers transfers printed onto a roll of polyester.

Flat Bed

Flat Bed Heat Transfer Machine

HT-300F Pneumatic Flat Heat Transfer Machine

The HT-300F is a pneumatic flat heat transfer machine with a rubber roller for easy application. The roller rotates and transfers the desired design onto a roll of polyester.

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