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Practical Applications of Pad Printing

Pad printing is used to transfer 2D images onto 3D objects many consider impossible to print on. Thanks to its wide range of uses, you will see pad printing used in the production of:
  • Electronic micro components such as cables, connectors, IC chips, and relays.
  • Industrial buttons and keys found on calculators, telephones, and computer keyboards.
  • Aerospace and automotive control panel markings including knobs, indicator parts, hose markings, and brake pads.
  • Electrical household appliances such as coffee pots, VCRs, televisions, and irons.
  • Large industrial appliance panels such as dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers.
  • Toys such as figurines, dolls, Legos, and model cars.
  • Specialty advertising items like pens, mugs, lighters, water bottles, key chains, clocks, USBs, and watch faces.
  • Sporting goods such as golf balls, baseballs, swimming caps, tennis rackets, and footballs.
  • Household items such as infant bottles, pacifiers, rattles, hangers, nightlights, tagless garments, and mobile phone cases.
  • Medical equipment such as pill bottles, syringes, hypo tubes, guide wires, lenses, catheters, and hearing aids.

Ingenuity is the lifeblood of  pad printing and new applications are frequently discovered because the market potential is huge. The recent trend of tagless t-shirts was made possible by pad printing, a technique All American helped pioneer through experimentation. If you want to learn more, we also have information on the Basics of Pad Printing, History of Pad Printing, and the Advantages of Pad Printing.  Also, check out How to Make a Plate and our custom plate-making services.

All American’s Pad Printer line is second to none.  Effortlessly print 2-D images on 3-D objects.  This versatile technology is always adapting to new market demands.  With two-hundred models to choose from, we have a machine to exactly match your needs.

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